Site Rules

I hope you are a modern intellectual who can understand these rules.


  1. When you add pages, think more calmly and think about it, and don't mess up the site with writings like a goddamn nuclear waste.
  2. You should be careful when you leave comments.
  3. Plagiarism, I'll write it down just in case any crazy person plagiarizes. If you plagiarize, the material will be immediate removal.
  4. Don't mess around
  5. Don't reveal your dark slogan.


  1. Any modifications made to your article can be reversed.
  2. You can make minor corrections to someone else's writing, such as grammar and spelling problems. Please fill in the brief description of the modification.
  3. If this is a collaboration, you should ask your team members for their understanding.


  1. You can remake your own writing.
  2. If it's not your writing, you need to get permission to remake it.
  3. You can get a remake by asking the manager.

stop regulation

In case of violation of regulations, you may be blocked immediately, or you may be suspended for a short period of time.

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