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0SIDE Corporation
ID A.012.N
Security class Midill
Item class Veta
Classification system Joint data
item Statue of justice
Containment & Storage Procedure A.012.N must be contained in a 17M X 17M X 17M square room made of specially designed concrete exterior walls. Approaching the subject outside of the experiment is prohibited, and actions are suggested in front of the subject.
Description A.012.N is a statue made of limestone with a sword in his right hand and a scale in his left hand. It is in the form of a woman and measures 5M in width and 16M in length. It is estimated that A.012.N has existed since the 14th century. Its source is not yet known.
Subject does not move normally. If the target is attacked or attempted to attack itself, acts, or acts immorally in front of the target, the target moves. (From this point on, the person concerned is classified as A.012.N-1). And the standard of A.012.N-1's immoral behavior, which A.012.N refers to, has yet to be revealed.Extremely hostile to A.012.N-1.

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