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The sea was created in the world of nothingness.
From there a mountain rises and from that mountain
A creator in the form of a child was born.

The place where the creator steps on becomes the land
It became a forest, and animals and plants arose around the creator.

The creator begins to feel loneliness and creates life, which creates the first intelligent life, and it is called humanity today.

The creator was with humanity, and they talked, worked, and played together.

The creator tells two designators of humanity
Share your strength, and one person
The other one saved the country and saved its power.

The creator is with mankind and the creator
No longer becoming a creator, but a human
Humanity let the creator grow slowly

Realizing that I was not the creator
When they no longer get help
The designator who created the country drove out and sealed the creator, and the creator was betrayed by the trusted man
When I woke up again, I pledged to take revenge on everyone.

Of the designator who made the country
By the time the power loses its light, mankind is at the top of the food chain.
It was early and the seal that held the creator began to be released.

The creator was released from the seal and kept his power
Take the power from the descendants of the designator

He is determined to destroy everything he has new

We called the incident'Ragnarok' and the day of destruction and the day of waking up as'last day'.

God is towards you, hate you.

[Waiting for other partial restoration]

— AOM.

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