General question

  • Is 0SIDE Corporation a real entity?
    • No, 0SIDE Corporation is a fictional company that sells or creates anomalous objects or beings.
  • Can you really buy these items?
    • no. It couldn't be sold, and even if it could, it didn't have any anomalous abilities or special powers.
  • When was this site created?
    • The 0SIDE Corporation Wiki was first created on April 3, 2020.
  • Can I play a role?
    • Unconditionally No. This is a place where many creators and writers are writing, but this is a place to only write stories, not a community that asks you to play that damn concept game.
  • What does A.XXX.N mean?
    • A word used as an ID. A stands for AHAL and N stands for Number. XXX contains the ID number of the AHAL.
  • What does AHAL mean?
    • AHAL is a word that is only used within the site and has the meaning of anomalous objects, objects, etc., but has no meaning.
  • Can I report other members?
    • Yes, it is. If the person conducts, says, or conducts controversial abusive language, you can report it to the Discord or report it to the management team or the top manager by personal contact. However, if it is a false report, the reporter… Warning.
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