Anomalous groups

Information Security Team Notice

Content: In the previous world, there were many more organizations than now. Various anomalous groups existed, such as companies using anomalous entities as industrial items, groups trying to conquer the world using anomalous entities as a weapon, and groups seeking only their own interests, but were not seen after the revolt. Then recently, various anomalous groups were discovered.



When it never ends.

Overview:Neverend (hereinafter referred to as NE) is an organization that has been separated from the enterprise, and was founded in 1979 when the personnel who were in charge of the security team-NEVER in the enterprise left the enterprise in 1979. The total number of people in the organization is unknown, and the technical information or the degree to which they pose a threat is not known, but it is clear that they are very well organized and extremely dangerous.

After their former leader and one of the founders, "Naze Rachel," became the headquarters, NE came out to the world to become known and began to play a big role in the world. As a representative example, the number of A.027.Ns has clearly decreased to the extent that it can be seen at a glance.

Except for this, all facts are still unknown. All of the information in NE is classified as extremely confidential, and most of the information was obtained when the company worked with Naise Rachel, who was before contact with NE. They also use anomalies very competently, and most of them were stolen from companies rather than what they found.

It is very hostile to AOM, and it is so hostile that the NE side first used violence. The relationship with the company was hostile, but there was a joint attack to destroy AOM, but since then, there have been no formal exchanges.

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