0SIDE Corporation
ID A.073.N
Security class Denzer
Item class Veta
Classification system top secret
item 'Garbage Island'
Containment & Storage Procedure Several attempts have been made to extract the components of A.073.N, but all of them have failed, and it is considered impossible to detect and measure due to the anomalous nature of the subject.
Description A.073.N was originally a small fish, but gained power due to [REDACTED]. A.073.N lives in the Pacific Ocean and is now very large. A.073.N is a mucus produced in its gills and absorbs A.073.N-1 by attaching to floating objects (referred to as A.073.N-1 from this point) due to its strong adhesion. Due to marine debris, it is now huge. Once something sticks to A.073.N, the way to remove it again is It was determined to be missing. There is only A.037.N. Using the adhesion of A.073.N, a location tracker was attached to A.073.N, and the location was tracked in real time. Currently, it coordinates the ship's route in cooperation with IMO (International Maritime Organization) and ISA (International Maritime Organization). We are reducing the damage caused by A.073.N.

Precautions Contact with the subject is prohibited under any circumstances.
More details To non-anomalous humans (civilians), it should be known by the name of the "garbage island" and must quickly find a way to remove it.
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