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0SIDE Corporation
ID A.040.N
Security class Safety
Item class Alpha
Classification system Joint data
item For the spirit of our country
Containment & Storage Procedure A.040.N is currently located in the 3rd tomb of soldiers at the National Daejeon Memorial Center. It cannot be moved on its own and does not require any containment measures as it is not dangerous.
Description The A.040.N is an air raid alarm used by the 3rd Regiment's communications battalion, which was annihilated while defending the bridgehead until the end of the Korean War. It is estimated that there were about 50 originally, but only 12 are left.
A.040.N is located in the vacant lot of the 3rd tomb of the soldiers at Daejeon National Memorial. This siren does not exhibit anomalous properties in peacetime, but broadcasts itself every 4am on June 25th, even if there is no external electric stimulus or transmission line, etc.
As far as it has been revealed, there are two broadcasts sent from this siren, with a speech by Colonel Kim Young-gwan, the 3rd Regiment's head of the communications battalion, for about 10 minutes or a short air raid warning for 3 minutes.
Currently, there is no quarantine guidelines for A.040.N, and training of the USFK must be conducted at 4 am on June 25 to prevent civil confusion in the event of an air raid warning broadcast. Should be known. Failure to do this should be known as a transmission error.
If Lieutenant Colonel Kim Young-gwan's speech is transmitted, it should be publicly disclosed as a special broadcast commemorating the Korean War.

[Transmission Log-040]

080-1: Speech by Lieutenant Colonel Kim Young-gwan / Speech below

080-2: speech

080-3: speech

080-4: Air raid alarm

080-5: speech

080-6: speech

080-7: speech

080-8: speech

080-9: alarm

080-10: speech

- P.s

It is estimated that the air raid alarm transmission period is about 4-5 years. If this number exceeds ±2, be sure to report it to the facility manager or 8SIDE.

-Memo of 8SIDE-.

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