0SIDE Corporation
ID A.030.N
Security class Safety
Item class Veta
Classification system Joint data
item Transparent cloak
Containment & Storage Procedure A.030.N must be contained within a 2×2×2cm, heat-, moisture-proof, and fireproof titanium alloy box. All personnel are permitted to enter the containment chamber with one armed agent, and in any case, contact with A.030.N is prohibited.If entering within 1m of A.030.N, the armed personnel reserve the right to kill personnel immediately.
Description A.030.N is a handkerchief from "DAKS". It is classified into blue A.030.N-1 and pale purple A.030.N-2.
Anyone who comes into contact with A.030.N-1 or A.030.N-2 is immediately classified as A.030.N-3, and anomalous properties are exerted by everyone. Anyone who comes into contact with A.030.N-1 will remain in effect until contact with A.030.N-2, and this effect will persist even upon death.
Any interaction with A.030.N-1 has no effect. Subsequently, the record of the interview with the person who witnessed A.030.N-3 stated that A.030.N-3 had been found, and everyone responded "because that is the rule" for the reason.
After A.030.N-3 contacted A.030.N-2, the effect of A.030.N-1 was neutralized.
Conversely, contact with A.030.N-2 without contact with A.030.N-1 will receive everyone's attention. This phenomenon could also be eliminated by contacting A.030.N-1.
At the second contact after contact with A.030.N-1, subject showed extreme depression and loneliness, mentally stressed and self-harmful for several days before committing suicide. In addition, in case of contact with A.030.N-2 again after contact, the contactor showed extreme interpersonal refusal and asked not to see himself.Subsequently, subject [censored] committed suicide due to pressure and mental stress.
After contact with A.030.N, no orders or instructions of any kind have any effect, and any attempt to neutralize the effects of A.030.N other than voluntarily contacting A.030.N has failed.
However, instructions prior to contact with A.030.N are in effect, and all personnel must read the 「A.030.N-Manuel」 provided at the entrance before entering the containment room.
In addition, anomalous properties are exhibited when carrying or possessing A.030.N, and an A.030.N entity, which is contrary to the personality of A.030.N-3, takes precedence over other entities and exhibits anomalous properties.
The first discoverer of A.030.N was in contact with A.030.N-2, and committed suicide after [censored] due to prolonged exposure of A.030.N-2.
The first discoverer of A.030.N-1 committed suicide by hanging his neck at the time of discovery, contacting A.030.N-2 and recovering A.030.N-1.
Since then, the A.030.N special investigation team is in operation to prevent further human damage.

Additional information
Interview Log-A.030.N-001

Dr. ██████: Yes… so, you saw A.030.N-3 around ██:██ on ██/██/20██?

████: A.030.N-3? I don't know what that is, but I was with [A.030.N-3] at that time.

Dr. ██████: I see. But why did you ignore A.030.N-3?

████: [censored] I don't know what that A.030.N-3 is!

Dr. ██████: Calm down. So… why did you ignore [A.030.N-3]?

████: Um… that's it, of course… because that's the rule.

Dr. ██████: A rule?

████: Yes, the rules. We're sure, but we shouldn't break the rules.

Dr. ██████: What are the rules?

████: Huh? Why do you ask me?

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