0SIDE Corporation
ID A.027.N
Security class Denzer
Item class Veta Omega
Classification system top secret
item Human similar
Containment & Storage Procedure A.027.N cannot be isolated because of its current reality-distorting ability, and has the potential to cause reality manipulation scenario-027 (human distortion)
A.027.N lives closely with "humans" all over the world, and the number is uncountable. It could be someone's family, it could be the president, it could even be a member of the association.
The number of individuals identified so far is about three-fifths of the planet’s population, Within the enterprise, A.027.N is a researcher of Ethel, and there is no information or records appearing about it, and it is assumed that A.027.N has used reality distortion, which is the intrinsic ability of A.027.N.
However, Researcher Ettel was identified as A.025.N.
after April 12, 2000, personnel below the 8SIDE level are prohibited from testing with A.027.N in the "lost" concept. For more information, refer to Appendix-2000-4-12.
Description A.027.N is an unusually unknown entity with a perception similar to "human" (Homo sapiens sapiens). Each entity has a different personality and has a powerful reality distortion ability, an anomalous phenomenon that adversely affects human cognitive ability. Leads to
A.027.N initially does not have the concept of all the emotions "humans" feel. But the concept of "potential ideal" exists.
"Potential ideals" can lead to a normal life like a normal person. However, after this certain period of time, it is transformed into the concept of "ideal" and the concept of "ideal" is pursued.
The level of the concept of “ideal” varies from object to object. It may be one's identity or career, it may be something that exists, it may be some influence on the inner, outer world, or beyond.
If you do everything possible to realize this "ideal" and realize that "ideal", you can become a "human"1. However, out of the more than 250 million people tested so far, only a few were able to realize the "ideal" found through psychological analysis, which was about 14/100.
After a certain period of the concept of "ideal", it is difficult to act rationally and suffer from severe anxiety, certain schizophrenic disorders, and anger control disorders. It gets worse as time passes, and finally the concept of "loss" begins to exist.
When the concept of “lost” goes up, the subject is [DATA REDACTED]

A subject in the concept of "lost", which was being tested at Branch 09, attacked the association personnel and attempted to escape. A total of 164 people were wounded and 13 were killed. Afterwards, some of the wounded personnel became [DATA REDACTED], and a total of 129 people died. And the personnel who survived dramatically became A.027.N with the concept of “ideal”. Subsequently, subject was assigned a Denzer class.
More details
It is a poem related to information related to A.027.N written by A.027.N, an amateur poet. Currently, the A.027.N has died2 and the city has been collected.
On August 7, 2020, A.027.N-A169, who was undergoing an experiment after a pregnancy of about 12 months, gave birth to a girl. Investigation of the child revealed that the anomalous properties such as the mother (A027.N-A169) do not exist and are morphologically and genetically indistinguishable from healthy human infants. Taken from A.027.N-A169. When bringing the child, A.027.N-A169 resisted, but soon stopped and became calm.
The ID was assigned as A.027.N-B1. It was transferred to Site 09 and the growth process was observed. Subjects undergo daily physical and psychological tests.
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