ID: A.014.N
Item class Denzer
Classification system: Joint data

item: Quantum physics data

Containment & Storage Procedure
Currently, A.014.N is stored in a computer dedicated to A.014.N that is not connected to the Internet in Room 12, where two security teams are deployed at Site 09.
Personnel with a level below the WeAKo level are prohibited.

Description A.014.N transforms the stylistic size of a written document on a digital device to a very small size, and all documents contaminated with it have the same stylistic size.Produced by the Association in 19██
Restoration was possible with the association system X9S21 , but only 10% of it was restored due to an unknown error. The speed of document contamination is high, and if a hyperlink exists, it may be quickly contaminated on a link. This does not cover media such as digital documents, printed documents, and handwritten documents.

Damn, it eyes hurts. -Dr. ████

Precautions: If all of these materials are out of the world, we will have to observe all data, materials and documents under a microscope.
More details: A.014.N is currently being removed.

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