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0SIDE Corporation
A.011.N A.011.N.
ID A.011.N
Security class Safety
Item class Veta
Classification system Joint data
item Si vis pacem, para bellum.
Containment & Storage Procedure A.011.N has no direct effect, and must be isolated and protected by a sponge in a 7cm×7cm×7cm lock-locked iron box placed on a wooden table. Steel boxes and containment chambers should not be heated to temperatures above 10℃ at all times. Security personnel of WeAKo level or higher, or those with prior approval from the site administrator, are allowed to put down all weapons and enter the containment chamber.
Description A.011.N is a 5.5g 9mm×19mm parabellum bullet that is estimated to have been produced around 1962, and has the same structure and shape as other general parabellum bullets.
A.011.N was first discovered in ████ arsenal in Russia in 198█, and was recovered by the security team-"Soldier's Republic". There were a total of 14, but they were lost during transport, and a total of 2 remain.
The existence of A.011.N itself is a normal 9×19mm paravelum ammunition, but anomalies occur when the target is triggered after being loaded. It was not known what the principle was, but it turned out that the bullet is preserved and fired as it was before it was triggered, and it was also found to be transformed to fit in any caliber. (See Appendix A)
In addition, lethality and firepower are also changed according to the loaded gun, and the weight is preserved as it is. It is not damaged by any external impact. (See Appendix B)

More details
After several experiments with the A.011.N, it was adapted to the 408 mm warship gun, which was the largest caliber, and it is not known whether it would fit into a caliber larger than 408 mm.
At this point, it is assumed that there will be no limit to the deformation capacity.
When placed in an ultra-high heat furnace of over 8,000°F, there was no soot and no damage to the appearance. In addition, when I tested it on a large industrial hydraulic press, there was no external damage, and no trace was left on the hydraulic press. Along with this, several times the Karabiner 98k was loaded and fired without any damage.
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