0SIDE Corporation
ID A.007.N
Security class Denzer
Item class Omega
Classification system top secret
item In the voice of someone I miss
Containment & Storage Procedure A.007.N is to be quarantined in the standard carnivorous animal-type containment chamber of 09. It should be composed of reinforced walls made of RTA-500, and the humidity should be kept at 0% and it should be maintained in an environment with little external light.
It should always be blocked from outside sounds and monitored through an infrared camera at all times. If the external sound is not blocked, the internal sound must be blocked in any case. CCTV personnel must be WeAKo level or higher.
The containment chamber should be cleaned every other week. After giving A.007.N a strong sleep anesthesia, cleaning should begin immediately at that moment. At this time, no light is used and only cleaning should be done in the dark. Personnel are to remain silent during cleaning.
Outside of the experiment, personnel below WeAKo level are prohibited from approaching.In order to proceed with the experiment, permission must be obtained from personnel of 8SIDE level or higher. When conducting the experiment, the general manager and all personnel must have 100% mentality or higher.
Description A.007.N is an object similar to the Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica), but has crimson skin, no color of fur, and has long silky fur. It has a basic tiger skeleton, but its size is about 3.6m, which is larger than the existing tiger. Although different for each individual, it weighs an average of 457 kg.
A.007.N has a long neck and tail, covered with fur, and the eyes have no color like fur, and the eyes shine. 사It is harsh, harsh, hostile to life, and violent. The toenails have long, thick hook-shaped claws. The face part is full of hair, so it is not properly visible and only eyes are visible. When feeding, the face splits and swallows the food. At this time, it was observed to open up to about 2m.
It is assumed to be very sensitive to light and humidity, and smell and sound are also sensitive. It has been observed that it is very disgusting with bright light and is less active when the humidity is high. Certain colors have been found to have a strong adverse effect on activities, and certain colors are red.
Subjects recognize their own information or read the thoughts of those who have seen them. Identify the voice of the person that the person misses or wants to see the most and imitate that voice. At this time, reality manipulation is used to adversely affect human cognitive abilities, and affected humans are attracted to knowing. Also, if someone else makes a voice, they imitate that voice. They seem to understand what they say and they seem to be intelligent. Until now, it is believed to be able to imitate the voice of all living things, and it turned out that there is no limit to this ability. In addition, it seems to mimic the voice of the dead. Therefore, it should be avoided as much as possible when the subject passes through an isolated area or during testing.
It also has a strong hallucination ability. By making people perceive it as a person, it removes the person's alertness. Then lure. According to other researchers, it usually looks like a child, a fellow researcher, a female/male or a civilian female/male dressed as a researcher.

discovery It was first discovered by civilians in Jangsan, Daegu, Korea. Security team-dispatched "without silence" and at the time of capture, 61 wounded and 27 casualties, including civilians.
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