0SIDE Corporation
ID A.005.N
Security class Denzer
Item class Veta
Classification system Joint data
item Mr.fish, is the universe cozy?
Containment & Storage Procedure Due to the location and nature of A.005.N, there is currently no method of containment or storage that is practicable by the Association, and physical containment is impossible. There is no method of containment or storage, and physical containment is impossible. It is always monitored by the satellite X1SB-0SI developed by the association. All A.005.N instances must not deviate from a certain trajectory.
Description A.005.N is a fish similar to the ████ species, always in groups of 5-16. It is estimated that the clusters are floating little by little every year, and the number of clusters that have passed so far is estimated to be about ████. Numerous researchers and research teams of the association did a lot of research to determine the identity of this A.005.N, but after a long study, it was just ordinary fish. It is sometimes signaled on the nearest day, and it is assumed that the signal is for communication with the Earth.

More details
██/██/20██ 00:40:51
An unknown signal was received by the 01st month-myeon branch. The source of this transmission is a signal from A.005.N at the time closest to Earth, and it is presumed to be from A.005.N.
It was a long message in the same format as the frequency, and the result of the translation by the cryptographic analysis team was written in Korean.

Translation Result: Who is there??????

The association decided to send the following reply at the time A.005.N was closest.

Yes, here it is.

Since then, the association and 005 continued to communicate, and as a result, he is said to be a creature called a star-fish and a wanderer in space. Of course, the association knew about this information. However, the subject is informed that it lives on the stars. It is not known how to eat the massive stars compared to the 005's physical characteristics.
As a result of the investigation, A.005.N has a childish intelligence and is estimated to be about 5 years old.
██/██/20██ 00:39:47
One day, at the same time as the first received date, an unknown signal was received back to the 01st month-myeon branch. It was a transmission signal different from A.005.N, and the translation result is as follows.

Translation Result-1: glub, blub, glug click
Translation Result-2: glub, blub, glug click??
Translation Result-3: "glub, blub"

A number of personnel retranslated due to the opinion of interpreting the meaning of the sound as well, but after continuing translation results, the signal was ``(glub, blub)" for no reason.
I asked A.005.N to answer why this signal was sent, but the answer was as follows.

Translation Result: glub, blub.

Subsequently, the company confirmed that there were 6 5 more fish such as A.005.N and decided to continue watching.
The first communicable entity discovered was designated as the ID A.005.N-A.

"There are rumors about A.005.N without intelligence, but we inform you that the signal from A.005.N is not intended to conquer the Earth, it is just'glub, blub.' of a stupid fish for no reason. "-Dr. Sin Hyun

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