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ID A.004.N
Security class Denzer
Item class Omega
Classification system top secret
item "The not Ascended" Dragon
Containment & Storage Procedure A.004.N ​​should remove all objects as soon as possible.It must be contained in a 5 m × 5 m × 5 m room made of RTA-5001, Head, body, and tail (hereinafter referred to as A.004.N-A, A.004.N-B, A.004.N-C) Divide into three equal parts and isolate.
A.004.N-A: Association Special Containment Room
A.004.N-B: "Escape"
A.004.N-C: Object storage at Site 09
In quarantine and storage. A.004.N-A continues to attempt to escape, and A.004.N-B and A.004.N-C are continually hitting the wall in the direction of the isolated base. The security team is currently able to inflict immense physical and mental damage to A.004.N, but cannot be completely destroyed.대If the object is 50cmX50cmX50cm in size and is successfully isolated with a tempered glass box, it can be sold.2
Description A.004.N ​​is a huge, legendary or mythical dragon-like creature, It was intentionally created by the association around 19██, and it is difficult to know precisely why it was created artificially. It turns out to learn how to behave depending on the situation, and the intelligence seems to be very good. A.004.N ​​is hostile and hateful to almost all human beings. However, they did not show hostility to all living things except humans, but rather acted to protect them.
The size changes according to the movable space and the regeneration ability is very good, but it has been observed that the regeneration rate is about two days. You can swallow all substances or objects, but spit again because the digestive system is not developing. Several tentacles attached to the body are used for hand use and are also used for attack. Its body continues to decay and continues to regenerate.
In the event of a containment breach, all possible methods are used on the spot, all security teams in the area must enter an emergency state, and the security teams around them must always be ready.After that, the security team must track and re-contain A.004.N ​​and permit all methods (to the extent that it does not harm civilians) to contain the object.
Currently, there are a total of 100 objects, and all of them have been found to be sleeping, except for one with high activity. Personnel attempting to wake up individual objects in any situation are to be removed immediately.


ID: A.004.N
Purpose of experiment: 004 Complete destruction and removal
Item ID A.022.N
Experiment result A.022.N enters containment area of ​​004-A. 022 moves quickly and runs towards 004's eyes. Poke 004's right eye. 004-A painstakingly diameters. After that, 004 rises. 022 Baraman Spring. Sniping and dropping 004 that came to mind. 022 Run. 004 splits and makes herself into two. 022 Freeze.
Failure to remove
ID: A.004.N
Purpose of experiment: 004 Complete destruction and removal
Item nuclear bomb
Experiment result In the 004 containment area, the Association's reality-manipulating technology keeps civilians away. Nuclear administration to containment areas. Blown up. 004 disappears without a trace on a molecular basis. After 45 seconds, the horns began to appear again. Moved normally after 2 days.
Failure to remove

Precautions To ascend once every 10 years, he escapes from the storage room and teleports to a clear, clean river. Every time a person very close to the river shouts out to the subject "Snake.", it is stored and contained again. To teleport. This explanation has existed since 19██, and the original author has not been identified.
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