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0SIDE Corporation
ID A.003.N
Security class Midill
Item class Veta
Classification system top secret
item Me someone's memoir
Containment & Storage Procedure It must always be locked in a box box shielded by iron in a storage room dedicated to A.003.N in Branch 09. Keep the humidity at maximum 0% in the storage room and the temperature at 16 degrees. When approaching A.003.N at all times, only one person must be approached. Personnel below the WeAKo level are prohibited from using it for purposes other than testing, and unnecessary access outside of the experiment is prohibited.
Description A.003.N is presumed to be a handwritten autobiography titled <My Memoirs>. The original text was written in the old Korean language, and the author is unknown. Currently, Dr. Anna has translated into modern language. A.003.N appears to be incomplete, and was found in Eulcheon, Gangwon-do, Korea, and the publication date is estimated to be 1989.
It is normally inactive, but when two or more personnel are exposed to A.003.N for a short time, the subject is activated and the personnel feel severe self-destruction, and they continue to self-criticize and attempt self-harm. In this case, all pages of A.003.N are blank.
Whenever a person exposed to A.003.N continues to self-harm, the subject's contents are filled. The content is filled with content that falls into self-study of the person concerned and disgust with the person concerned. Even if the person in question dies due to self-harm, A.003.N will write down the contents until the end. At the end, the subject writes their names and stops. The name was written in red ink and initially thought to be plain ink, but later it turned out to be mixed blood from those involved. And after 24 hours, the content is deleted, and the page with the content is changed to the original text.
Another anomaly was discovered. Even if the subject is not exposed, it has been confirmed that recognizing the subject's information activates the subject's anomalous abilities. However, the person concerned only gave a temporary shock and did not harm himself.
At the time of discovery, the following was written. It has been confirmed that this article is related to the AOM Council.

Hate, hate and hate yourself. Only then will God forgive me as rain.

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