0SIDE Corporation
ID A.002.N-EN
Security class Midill
Item class Veta
Classification system Joint data
item Everest's Ice Dragon
Containment & Storage Procedure A.002.N-EN is to be kept in a high-risk organism containment room at Branch 09E, a fully soundproofed closed room that is always locked. The temperature inside the containment chamber is always maintained between 0 and -405 degrees Celsius. 
Description A.002.N-EN is an ice sculpture carved in the shape of a 3m dragon. A.002.N-EN is movable and extremely hostile to all living things. Subject is able to move when it reaches a temperature above 0°C and ceases all activities when it reaches a temperature below 0°C.
Also, A.002.N-EN does not melt and does not destroy. Sometimes water-like substances are formed on the floor, and the source of these substances has been identified as A.002.N-EN, but the substance composed of A.002.N-EN is pure ice and has no relation to the substance on the floor. The source of the material is currently unknown.

discovery  The association, which obtained information that a dragon lives near the mountain as Mount Everest, located in Sagar Mata-gu, Nepal, was discovered while tracking the location.
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