0SIDE Corporation
ID A.002.N
Security class Safety
Item class Alpha
Classification system Joint data
item Cartoon the world.
Containment & Storage Procedure A.002.N shall be stored in a 50cm X 50cm X 50cm glass box when not being used or sold as a commodity.
Any experiment that attempts to break or neutralize glasses is prohibited. If this procedure is violated, it will be removed immediately.
Personnel below the WeAKo level must obtain permission from Sakamala, the manager of the 09th Branch, and use outside of experiments is prohibited. Except for experiments, unnecessary access is prohibited.
Description A.002.N is a pair of glasses made of plastic.
When worn, the wearer's normal environment looks'cartoon'.Because the world looks cute like a cartoon, I got the result that writing it for less than two hours would be mental protection.
However, if the wearing time is more than 2 hours, the wearer begins to become mentally polluted. The wearer's cognitive abilities are paralyzed, and the environment looks'cartoon' even if the subject is not worn, and shows severe schizophrenia symptoms.이Afterwards [Hate and hate] Oh…no…
Another anomalous ability is included. Researcher Kang Soo-hyuk attempts to destroy the subject in Experiment 12. After receiving a powerful mental attack from the subject, four doctors were [DATA EXPUNGED] and then killed.
It was discovered on April 16, 2005 in [DATA REDACTED] in Korea by the DES organization. At the time of discovery, “comicically.” Only Iranian notes were left behind The former owner of these glasses has been confirmed to have committed suicide.
The DES organization simply transferred to the enterprise and demanded a friendly relationship with the enterprise. The enterprise approved.

Precautions Attempting to destroy glasses results in a powerful mental attack.
More details If worn for more than 2 hours, the wearer begins to become mentally polluted.
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